December 19, 2018

Kristen & Murphey

Engagements, Photographer: A.J.

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raleigh engagement photos photo

We scheduled these Raleigh engagement photos and settled on a location. As I rolled into the spot we were supposed to meet, all I saw was orange construction netting. Everywhere. I panicked for a minute, drove around the area and quickly found a back up location. I called my couple and thankfully they were willing to trust my judgement! 

Location switching isn’t always the easiest, but I’m so happy this couple trusted me! The back up spot was so perfect! With tall fields of grass, beautiful path ways and gorgeous crepe myrtle trees that were fully in bloom. It was the best spot!! Even though it was sunflower season at Dorthea Dix park, we were still able to sneak away and find some quite spots where we felts like the only three people in the park!

Kristen and Murphey’s wedding is coming up next year and I can’t wait to get them back in front of my camera! They’re the sweetest human beings. So sincere and genuine. Spending time with them was like hanging out with old friends! Thank you guys for letting me take your Raleigh engagement photos! Hope you two still love the pictures as much as I loved taking them!! Enjoy your holiday season and soaking up your last season of engagement! Can’t wait for the big day!

raleigh engaged couple walking through the field photo
raleigh couple holding hands and walking down a dirt road photo
raleigh engagement photos photo
raleigh couple kissing and engagement ring on bright orange flower photo
raleigh engaged couple kissing in a field photo
raleigh couple together in front of pink flower tree photo
raleigh couple snuggled in front of blossoming tree photo
raleigh, nc couple laughing with each other photo
raleigh engaged couple gazing at each other photo

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  1. Susan says:

    They’re absolutely amazing and inspiring! Great work!!

  2. A.J. says:

    Thank you!!