May 8, 2019

Caitlin & Jimmy • Engagement

Raleigh film engagement photos couple walking holding hands at the top of a grass hill with blue skies behind them photo

Officially obsessed with these two and their Raleigh film engagement photos. Their story is so, so beautiful and it’s an honor to be part of it.

We hopped out of our cars and immediately began talking. As a photographer, it’s really nice when I can connect with a couple that easily. It makes their whole shoot easy and fun. We wandered all around the park sharing stories about life and relationships. My favorite part about these two is that she has a 6 year old son, and when I asked if that made it hard dating, she said it actually made it easier. That because she knows what true love really is, it was easy to separate the good from the bad, and I can totally understand what she meant by that! Having a child changing things, and definitely makes the definition of love REAL.

That’s the whole reason they started dating. They were just friends, but Jimmy wanted to show her how a real date should go. So he took her out to a nice restaurant, opened doors for her, and hours of talking later they realized they should be more than friends. Two years later, they’re engaged, soon to be wed, and head over heels in love.

I’m so excited for their November wedding, and to photograph them all over again! Enjoy this portion of their love story and their adorable Raleigh film engagement photos!
Film Scans: PhotoVision

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