July 17, 2019

Victoria & Rudy

Raleigh engagement couple holding hands and walking down a grass path photo

Smiles, giggles, cuddles and more smiles. That pretty much describes these two. They are so in love and it showed in every single picture I took for them as their Raleigh film photographer. To say I’m excited for their upcoming wedding is an understatement. They’re the sweetest, most enjoyable couple to be around. We talked more than we photographed (always my favorite type of session!), and just had the best time wandering around this field trying to beat the summer storm rolling in the distance…and dodging the biggest snake ever!

Yep, you read that right…a snake! I literally set them up for their very first photo and took a few steps backwards to find my perfect shot, when Victoria started screaming. I turned around to see the snake right beside me!! Of course, I screamed as well and ran towards them as far, far away from the snake I could get. We watched as two birds pecked at its tail and scared it off into the fields. That’s quite the way to start a session, but they didn’t let it bother them a bit!

Victoria and Rudy have the sweetest bond. They walked everywhere hand in hand and laughed the whole time. I love when couples relax like that during their engagement sessions. It’s one thing for me to tell them to be themselves, it’s another when they simply do it on their own. I love watching the way she looked at him and how he loved her enough to take engagement photos on his birthday (that’s true love folks!). Just the sweetest.

Thank you for dodging rain drops (and giant snakes!!) with me. For going with the flow and just being you in front of my camera. I can’t wait to witness you two say “I do” in a few months. Probably going to cry all the happy tears, because you guys are the truest of love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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