May 16, 2017

Leah & Adam • Raleigh Fine Art Engagement Portraits

raleigh fine art couple in a field photo

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m more than excited to be having a second baby. We’ve prayed and waited for this sweet girl and seriously couldn’t be more excited. It’s just that my due date is two days after this sweet couple’s wedding next month, which means I’m not going to be able to be there with them on the big day. And that just breaks my heart! If I could be 9 months pregnant and shoot a wedding, I totally would! Especially for these two!

Leah & Adam are the sweetest, most genuine of couples. She was one of the only people who knew about our loss before this one (read that story here), and was one first people I told about this baby, because of the overlap with her wedding. But also because I knew she’d be over the moon for us! Which she totally was! It’s not always I can be that personal with my brides, but Leah just has a way about her that make it easy to open your heart with her. We are kindred spirits, and I love that her wedding has brought us together.

Photographing their Raleigh Fine Art Engagement Portraits was a dream come true too. She adorned the most stunning blue gown, and he a dapper gray suit. We took them to our favorite secret spot and let the two of them just be themselves. With these two there’s no posing involved. They’re naturally in love and it showed up in every single image. I know I’ve talked about Leah a lot, but Adam is just as amazing. The way he treats Leah is how every girl should be treated. He loves her unconditionally, knows how to make her smile, laugh and feel safe all at the same time. It’s a truly beautiful connection they have.

Just because I’m not going to be physically photographing their day, doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten to be part of it! I have a very talented photography team covering for me that will honestly probably do an even better job than I could for them! I’ve worked with them every step of the way to make sure their day goes off flawlessly. I’ll definitely be celebrating with them from afar and can’t wait to get those images back from my associates!

Leah and Adam, thank you for trusting me through this whole pregnancy. For being your amazing, supportive, loving selves. You two are dream clients and I’m honored to have a small part in your day!

Gown: ASOS
Hair & Makeup: Lula Hair & Makeup
Amazing Second Shooter: Megan Kerns Photography

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