April 8, 2019

Anna Cameron

Lifestyle newborn photographer photo

I love being a Raleigh lifestyle newborn photographer. There’s something about new life. It’s a whole new family. It’s amazing how quickly it can feel like life didn’t exist before this tiny new human. That’s exactly how it felt with this family.

They had the sweetest family before. Just the three of them, like in their maternity portraits, but Anna Cameron completes them. She is their missing piece. Instantly she fit, and instantly big brother Henry settled into his new role. He loves her so much and is already that protective big brother. All he wanted to do during her newborn session was hold her, love her and kiss her. It was just about the cutest thing ever.

I’m so thankful for families like these and for what I get to do. Weddings are fun, but those new babies. They get me! I pinch myself this is my job. I get to photograph the happiest day of someone’s life, then the happiest change in their life when they become parents. Seriously, how did I get so lucky!

Thank you to all the lovely families who let me into their homes to photograph this special time. I never take it for granted. Being a lifestyle newborn photographer is one of my favorite job titles! And to this family, we will forever be grateful for you guys. You are some of our biggest cheerleaders and we feel so blessed to photograph all your milestones! Many congrats on your newest addition!

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