November 6, 2019

Levi Newborn

Families, Photographer: A.J.

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Raleigh newborn photographer photo

This sweet family. We’ve had the privilege of being there for so many of their important moments. Engagement, wedding, Carter’s photographed them as a family. But this session, as their Raleigh Newborn Photographer, by far tops them all.

It’s such an honor to be part of our someone’s life like this. Going into their home only days after adding a new little boy to their family, and using my camera to freeze these moments in time. It’s just so very special. I will never take it for granted.

These two have the sweetest boys too. It was so fun watching big brother be head over heels obsessed with his new little brother. All he wanted to do was hold him and love on him and my heart just about melted. That little baby has no idea how blessed he is to be born into this family!

Thank you guys so much for letting me be your Raleigh Newborn Photographer and for trusting us with so many important moments. We can’t wait to watch them grow and document you all along the way!! Many congrats on your newest addition!

Raleigh newborn baby toes wrapped up in a white blanket photo Raleigh big brother peeking over the edge of the crib at his newborn baby brother photo Raleigh newborn session with mother holding big brother while he gently touches his newborn baby brother's head photo Wake Forest newborn session with dad holding the baby and mom about to kiss his head photo North Raleigh father holding his newborn son in his nursery with his wife kissing the baby's head photo Raleigh mother holding her newborn son while her husband kisses the side of her head photo Raleigh mother in a long cream dress holding her newborn son photo Raleigh father holding his newborn son and smiling at his wife photo Raleigh father holding his newborn son and holding hands with his three year old son photo Raleigh mother and father looking down at their newborn son photo Raleigh mother holding her newborn son sitting in her bed photo Raleigh film newborn pictures with family of four sitting on their bed photo Raleigh big brother holding his newborn brother photo North Raleigh nursery changing pad with whale prints hung above photo Raleigh nursery with dark wood crib and blue and white quilt draped over the front photo Raleigh nursery with an antique anchor hanging on the wall with book shelves photo Raleigh boy nursery with whale pictures and a whale pillow photo Raleigh boy nursery with blue whales in a dark wood crib photo Raleigh newborn boy nursery with wooden sign with white anchor with initials above the crib photo

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