January 22, 2018

Raleigh Photography Workshop

Raleigh Photography Workshop photo

We have a HUGE announcement!!! We’re hosting another photography workshop!

But that’s not the huge part…are you ready for this?

We’re hosting it here in our house AND are opening it up to husband and wife teams in addition to women photographers AND offering it entirely over a weekend…AND we’ve lowered ticket prices…AND are giving away one ticket for free!!!! What?!!

We’re so excited for these changes! We asked for feedback from our last workshops the number one thing we heard was it’s hard to take time off of work. So, we hear you, and we are listening. We want to reach those of you wanting to take your business to the next level (possibly full time?) and if work is getting in the way of chasing your dreams, maybe this will make it a little easier.

This is why we decided to host it here in our home. We’ve always used wedding venues in the past, which typically have weddings on weekends. By hosting here, we can create a more personal atmosphere, lower those ticket prices and host it entirely over a weekend.

The other big change is we’ve decided to part with the name Darling Wedding Workshop. We loved that brand and it served us well, but we also found it to be confusing for people. This workshop does is not just for wedding photographers. We’re a multi-dimensional business over here, covering families and weddings, and want the workshop to reflect that. So now we’re just simply A.J. Dunlap Photography Workshop. No fancy name, no fancy logo, just photography workshop.

Because that’s what it is.

It’s a photography workshop designed to take your business to the next level, whether that’s as a family photographer or wedding photographer. We are still having an inspiration shoot, because hello prettiness. But during the shoot, we’ll be covering lighting and posing tips that cross genres. We’ll also still be touching on lighting, because that’s a scary topic to a lot of photographers, but what we’ll be teaching will be helpful for all.

The dates for this workshop are March 17-18 with details on our website here! Registration opens on Friday for the general public, but we’ll be giving away one FULL scholarship for one lucky person to come to the workshop for FREE!!!! Details on Instagram tomorrow, so be sure to check in there for your chance to come as our guest!

We’re excited for this new step and all the fun we’ll have with the attendees!

photography workshop in raleigh photo