October 24, 2013

Sarah & Jeremy | Engagement


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They were set up on a blind date…by his mom! How sweet is that?! Obviously, his mom has great relationship matching skills, because here they are today. Engaged and planning a wedding! They are a perfect match, and I can see why she thought to introduce them. Sarah is funny and extroverted, and Jeremy is a little quieter but it’s a strong quiet. They laugh together, enjoy life and, most importantly, make each other happy.

Their lives wouldn’t be complete without their dog Brodie! Remember the really obedient one I mentioned yesterday? Well here he is! He’s such a sweet lab full of love! He’s actually the one who popped the question to Sarah, as you’ll see below : )

Sarah, Jeremy & Brodie, thanks so much for letting us photograph you all! We can’t wait for your wedding to get here and to document that day for you too! We hope you love your photos!

00140017003100330042004400460051He’s an angel!005400630065006700830086And this is how Jeremy proposed to Sarah! He threw this bumper out for Brodie to fetch. Sarah said it was like Brodie knew what it said, because when he retrieved it he had it perfectly positioned for her to read : ) 0094009900810102009501050110011101230131

Congratulations you two!!! Thanks for letting us share in your journey!

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  1. Sandy Barnes says:

    Love these pictures!!!

  2. Meredith Culp says:

    Your pictures are great!

  3. Rosie Keller says:

    Thanks for sharing a part of your life through pics! LOVE!!