December 17, 2013

Seldon & Mark | Biltmore Forest Country Club Wedding | November 23, 2013


I am going to try to get through this one without crying. That’s my goal, but I’m not making any promises. Seldon means the world to me. She and I have been friends for over 16 years now! We grew up together, share crazy memories and truly felt like part of each others family. Like I said in their engagement post, we grew apart after high school, but thank goodness for her wedding because it brought us right back to where we were before. Like we hadn’t missed the last 8 years of each others lives. It’s amazing how with true friends that happens. I am so thankful for her and to have her back in my life. I told her this weekend, I’m not letting go of her again any time soon. : )

But this isn’t about me and Seldon, it’s about Mark and Seldon. Pretty much the most perfect couple I’ve ever met. The more I get to know Mark, the more I love him too and know without a doubt that he’s the perfect man for my friend. He loves her with every ounce of his heart. He treats her like every girl deserves to be treated, with complete love, respect and adoration. Spend 5 minutes with them and you’ll see what I mean.

Their wedding day was one of the most special days I’ve ever witnessed. Everyone was overjoyed to see these two says their vows. They were cheering and clapping throughout the whole ceremony. I’ve seriously never seen such excited guests and big smiles at a wedding. It’s a day that we’ve all waited 5 years to happen, and to see them finally tie the knot was something we all will cherish for a very long time.

Seldon and Mark, I can’t find the words to tell you thank you enough for making us a part of your day. We love you both and wish you nothing but happiness for the rest of your lives together. Congratulations on a truly beautiful marriage!

001400280031003600370065008501060125013201240134Seldon kept her gown secret from almost everyone until her wedding day including me. It was so special to finally see it!!01510160016801690170I have to stop here and tell her girls how much I love them all. I see why she picked each and every one of you, and I’m so happy to call you my friends now too! Thanks for bearing with those freezing temperatures and wind to get some beautiful photos for Seldon : )01960197Seldon, you are gorgeous!020002030212021902250230Love her laugh!02340249025702690275Since no one had seen her gown, she decided to do a first look with her dads and brothers. It was adorable watching them see her for the first time.028002830290

Of course had to steal one with my friend : )0313Then Seldon & Mark decided to do a non first look first look. She couldn’t take it though so they decided to hug each other with their eyes squeezed shut. It was adorable.03150326033903440353Mark makes for a pretty handsome groom too : )03580367037603800381Their ceremony was stunning! Their florist did an amazing job of decorating the aisle, stairways, table tops, and arbor that her dad handmade.042204230424042704290432043304390442044704510465Time for them to get married! I just love her mom. She’s the sweetest and most kind hearted person you’ll ever meet!04910496Just look at his smile when he finally does see her!0508051105200525053105350554Because of the early setting sun, they marched straight out of their ceremony and into portraits. I actually loved this, because it gave them time to celebrate being married together!
0574057705810587059405950610Love this one : )06110612061806200630063306380640These two are some of my favorites!
06420656066906770689While we were out for photos, the venue was busy flipping their ceremony room into their reception space. Walking back in there to see this was breathtaking.071907200723072507260736074007580784Emotional and incredibly sweet first dance.079908030804080808100815082108400895089909060912In Whales, where Mark is from, it’s traditional for the Groom to toast. He knocked it out of the park with his beautiful words to both their families!0913092909420945

The night was full of dancing. Seldon and Mark hardly left the floor along with most of the reception! It was so fun!

0970098409861043This is pretty much the best bouquet toss ever. I want you to take a close look at the sequence of four photos below this one to see how intensely Seldon’s sister went after and got the bouquet. Hannah, can’t wait for your wedding next! : )105410551059I had to dance a little myself : ) 10691078110711251175


Again you two, congratulations! We wish you all the happiness in the world!!! Love you both!

Wedding Venue: Biltmore Forest Country Club
Florist/decorator: The Bloom Room 
Catering & Cake: Biltmore Forest Country Club
Band: The Threshold
Videographer: Isabel’s Corner Videography
Hair: Eclipz Salon
Makeup: Jamie Cloninger
Dress: Winnie Chlomin of Winnie Couture