May 11, 2016

SkillPop Charlotte Founder

skillpop charlotte founder and her husband headshot photo

You might recognize these two from their engagement and wedding photos almost two years ago! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long! I remember meeting them for the first time, and absolutely falling in love with their beautiful & bubbly personalities. We became instant friends, something that has stuck with us since their wedding. Living in two different parts of the state, we don’t get to see each other all that often, but the friendship has still grown. So much so, that a few weeks ago, when we had a wedding in their home city of Charlotte, we asked them if they’d be up for the adventure of babysitting Ada while we worked!! They were so gracious to immediately say yes, and even let us stay with them for the night! They’re the type of people who would have done it for free without question, but I couldn’t let them do that! So when Haley asked if I wouldn’t mind taking some headshot for her quickly growing business (SkillPop), I was more than enthusiastic!

I remember when she called me about this little idea she had. She asked if I had a few minutes to brainstorm with her about something they’d been tossing around in their heads. She said she wanted to create a business that would be an environment for people to learn new hobbies. She went on about how after college she couldn’t find anywhere to take classes for fun things. Things like calligraphy, jewelry making, photography, etc. Things that require hands on teaching to learn. She saw a gap and wanted to fill it with a place for people to learn these things. I’m sure she could tell: I was skeptical. I loved the idea, but couldn’t wrap my head around how to make it into a business.

There was one thing I knew though. If anyone could do it, it was Haley & Steve! These two have entrepreneurial minds. Always thinking, brainstorming, dreaming of crazy beautiful ideas.

So watching SkillPop take off to the full time, employing additional people, mega startup business it is…only a short year later…is of no surprise to me. I did then and will always have faith that these two can do anything they set their minds to! Haley & Steve, we are so proud of you! We want to be just like you when we grow up : ) Thank you for being such good friends to us, for watching our little girl, hosting us in your house, sharing your vision, and trusting us with so many of your important life milestones. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the both of you on the cover of business magazines soon!!!!!

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