January 3, 2019

Taylor Grace

Families, Photographer: Carter

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Raleigh Family photographer photo

Being a Raleigh family photographer I get to photograph so many cute kids!! This little girl is no exception, she is adorable!! But sorry to all you 3 year old little boys out there reading this, she’s already off the market! So don’t get your hopes up haha. When our good friends found out they were having a little girl, the four of us quickly agreed that she and Cason would get married and that was that!  While we are mostly joking, none of us would be sad to see it happen!!!

We have all known each other since before marriage and kids.  When thinking back, we had a lot of carefree and fun times!  While now we have a lot more responsibility, find it hard to finish a conversation without getting interrupted by kids, and bedtime is way earlier, we are loving sharing this stage of life with our friends!  These mini humans make us laugh daily and remind us that the apple never falls far from the tree haha!

Life has moved us across town from each other. We loving using these sessions as a chance to spend some time together and hang out.  They are some of our favorite days watching the kids play and then using those coveted nap times to catch up uninterrupted!!

Jenna, Justin, & Taylor Grace- we are so thankful for you all and your friendship!! Thank you so much for always trusting me to capture these sweet images for your adorable family!  Can’t wait until we are taking their wedding pictures one day haha!

If you are interested in booking a mini session please contact us here and we will get you the information right away!!

raleigh, nc family mini session photo Raleigh two year old girl smiling in the sunshine photo raleigh daughter snuggling with her father photo Raleigh mother and daughter laughing in a field photo Raleigh mother and daughter playing in a field together photo raleigh two year old up close smiling in a yellow dress photo raleigh toddler running in a yellow dress photo

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