April 25, 2016

The Next Darling Wedding Workshop • Photography & Wedding Planning Workshop

darling wedding workshop photo

From the moment Darling was created, I had big dreams for it. Dreams that needed time to grow and take shape. I had this huge vision for it, but it wasn’t quite ready to launch when Darling was announced this time last year. So I waited, and dreamt up how to make this vision come to life. You see I saw something more than just a workshop for photographers. I saw a community of multiple industries coming together, supporting each other, networking and learning together. But like I said, it wasn’t quite ready last year when I started this crazy adventure, but I’m so excited to announce that it is this year!

The next Darling workshop is a wedding photography & wedding planning workshop!!! We’re going to be combining two industries that work so hand in hand together to achieve beautiful, flawlessly executed wedding days, and bring them into the same workshop where they can learn and grow together. The wonderful sister team of The Busy Bee Events based out of Orlando, Florida is going to be lending their teaching hands to the planners, while I still work with the photographers. We’re going to have combined group sessions that focus on the business side of the wedding industry, and breakout sessions dedicated to each creative field.

Photographers will be learning everything from natural light shooting to reception lighting, how to pose a couple naturally, and editing. The planners & stylists will be learning how to tell a wedding story through design and work with their couples to create a tailor made experience. Everyone will be learning about the business side of running a wedding business, social media, marketing, getting published, finances, and planning a wedding day timeline. The fun twist on things, is we’re going to have one couple with us through the whole workshop that will serve as our bride & groom! They’re going to work with the planners on their vision for their pretend wedding, and the planners are going to create style boards that they present to the couple as if they were really working with them to learn the process on crafting and presentation. Then they’re going to spend the majority of the second day bringing the vision to life! The photographers are going take engagement photos of the couple, and then photograph them again during their pretend reception that is our styled shoot! It’s going to be a really fun and unique twist on a workshop!

Now that I’ve shared all the fun secrets, you’re probably wondering when this workshop is happening & where…am I right?! It’s going to be held at a beautiful new estate venue in Hendersonville, NC (just outside of Asheville) on October 24-25, 2016! Early bird registration opens on May 15th and the special early bird rate will end on June 1st! We are limiting space to 10 photographers and 10 planners, because we want to keep it intimate. We believe learning is best done in smaller environments, so by keeping it small we’re hoping everyone can get their most out of their time and friendships built at Darling!

Tickets are $900 full price or $750 at the early bird rate! Like I said, the early bird rate launches May 15th at 8PM, but if you’re on our mailing list, you’ll get exclusive access to register on the 12th! Click here to sign up if you haven’t already (or on the link below)!

Can’t wait to meet so many new friends and see this beautiful vision of an extended Darling Wedding Workshop come together!

darling wedding workshop register photo