July 20, 2016

Thomas • Wake Forest Family Photographer

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joyner park wake forest family photo

Carter is very, very, very quickly becoming an amazing Wake Forest family photographer. I don’t know why I’m shocked she’s caught on this quickly! She’s always been able to learn things this fast! I guess it’s the fact that it took me years to learn what she’s learned in a few short months. This was her first time as lead photographer on a shoot, and she nailed it! I’m photographing with her for a few more weeks to finish her training, but honestly, she doesn’t need me! All you have to do is look at these photos to see what I mean.

It does help though when you have a family as adorable as this one! It was SO hot out there (I mean the crazy hot mugginess that comes after a Thunderstorm and has you dripping with sweat within minutes), but they still look like they came out of a picture frame! Little Thomas was giving us the full two and a half year version of himself, as most toddlers do, which is honestly my favorite type of kid to photograph. I love little ones who are full of personality like him!

I’m so thankful to this family for trusting Carter to take their pictures! I know it’s a risky move hiring a “new” photographer, but trust me, I wouldn’t put my stamp of approval on her if she wasn’t more than capable of taking images that match my brand. Thomas & parents, thank you so much for that trust! Can’t wait to do it again!!

Carter, I’m so proud of you for completing your first family session as lead photog! You nailed it!!! I know you were so nervous, but you didn’t let it show and took amazing photos this family will be proud to show off and treasure for years to come!

This session was only a mini session, and I’m always amazed how much can be accomplished in a short 25 minute time period!! Email me at aj @ ajdunlap.com to set up a mini session for your family!

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