March 18, 2019

Samuel • One Year Session


Wake Forest Family portraits photo

While taking Wake Forest family portraits I have experienced and seen many things.  But recently, I had a first!!!!! I got to take pictures of a family with a pet bunny!!  It was absolutely the cutest thing and very clear that he was his mama’s first baby until his brother Samuel came along.  Watching Samuel interact with his little bunny brother was so stinking sweet.  He loved petting him, watching him hop and snuggling into that soft fur to give him kisses!

They booked this session to capture Samuel in all his one-year-old cuteness!  Originally it was planned for back in December, but thanks to weather and the craziness of that time of year, we had to wait until January.  I think the waiting paid off though, because Samuel was taking some steps by this point and those are the sweetest to capture!!

If I picked favorites, one year old shoots would be very close to the top of the list! They are usually pretty happy little kids, but not quite old enough to have that toddler attitude haha. I also think it’s best when they are planned for the child have just started walking or can stand on their own for a second or two.  It gives us more picture opportunities to capture them by themselves!

One very common question we get asked about is props.  We don’t have any props that we provide, but I’m happy to accommodate  what ever you have in mind!! I typically check in with families in advance to see what they have in mind because lots of props can take more time.  On the other hand, props are not a must!!  One year old sessions turn out beautifully (see below!!) without any props added.  You have to think about what outcome you have in mind and we can build on that together!

If you have a one year old (or any other age child!!) and are interested in setting up a session, contact us here and we will get in touch to help you set up the photo session of your dreams!!

Wake Forest mother and father holding their pet bunny and one year old son photo wake forest one year old boy sitting with his pet bunny and dog photo Wake Forest one year old boy and long haired pet bunny photo Wake forest one year old boy walking with his father photo Wake Forest family of three with their one year old son photo Wake Forest one year old toddler holding his mother and father's hands to walk photo Wake forest one year old learning how to walk photo Wake Forest one year old close up of little boy photo Wake Forest mother and father smiling at each other while holding their one year old son photo Wake Forest mother holding her one year old son and him snuggling into her photo Wake Forest family sitting on the ground playing with a leaf photo

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