June 20, 2019

Warner • Wake Forest One Year Old Mini Session

Wake Forest One year old mini session photo

Precious little one year olds will give me all the heart eyes forever. They are so perfect in all the ways.  Still a sweet baby, but also a spunky toddler.  I feel like it’s the best of both worlds!! Give me a wake forest one year old mini session any day!!

This little one, Warner, was just delightful!  He was so laid back and happy!  Just look at these adorable pictures to see that sweet smile.  He isn’t standing on his own quite yet, but loved holding on to his parents hands to take some steps!! Warner also had fun swinging, being tickled and snuggling with his parents.  Towards the end we could tell he was ready to have a break from pictures.

We always recommend the mini sessions for little ones especially for that reason! Their attention spans are so short that trying to keep them happy past 25 minutes is a challenge!!  You would be amazed at how many great images we can get in those short sessions too!  This keeps everyone happy and less stressed.  I can’t tell you know many parents are so appreciative of these short sessions once we are near the end haha!

If you would like more information about setting up one of these mini sessions please contact us here and we will get back to you right away!! Adding new families to our AJDP family is one of our favorite parts of the job!!

Wake forest mother and father holding their one year old son photo Wake forest family of three tickling their one year old son photo Wake Forest mother and father tickling and looking at their baby boy photo Wake Forest mom holding her one year old son on her hip and snuggling him photo Wake Forest one year old boy holding his mother and father's hands photo Wake Forest father holding his one year old son up in the air photo Raleigh parents holding hands with their one year old son photo Wake Forest mom and dad looking at each other while their son giggles photo Raleigh mother and father snuggled together with their one year old son photo Wake Forest mother in a long light pink floral dress holding her one year old son photo Wake Forest one year old little boy sitting on a path photo