July 25, 2014

Wedding Blog Features

We are a tad bit behind with a recent features posts, but only because I don’t like boring you all with these. I know it’s not nearly as exciting to you as it is for us and our couples who have gotten featured. But for us and them it’s pretty much the most exciting thing that can happen professionally!!! We are always truly honored to see our work on another wedding blog. Every time an approval email hits my inbox I do a little (ok, big) happy dance! Seriously, other than making my clients smile from ear to ear, getting your photos published is one of the highest form of recognition in our industry. It takes patience and the ability to be told no (A LOT), but every yes is worth all that hard work.

We are over the moon excited to share with you some of our recently published weddings. We’ve had lots of dream come true publications in the last few months, like a front page Style Me Pretty feature, and 8 different wedding blogs featuring our work! Such a humbling experience. Thank you to each and every one of these blogs for sharing these weddings. Congrats to the beautiful couples, and thank you so much for letting me share your stories!!! If you’d like to see more of a particular feature, just click on the photo to view it!

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