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Family and newborn photography Raleigh NC creating art of your family.

My husband said to me: I don’t know where our photos are. After a moment’s pause and a confused look from me to him, he repeated himself. 

It took me a second, but then it clicked.

All of our photos were digital. Everything lived on a hard drive. Years and years of memories. That he nor my children had ever seen. 

It stopped me in my tracks. 

Here I am a film family & newborn photographer in Raleigh with over 15 years of experience, and my own family isn't enjoying our photos. 

Why? Because we are all busy. We say we'll get to that soon, but years later the images are still sitting on a hard drive or in a cloud, waiting to be printed & framed. Me included.

Out of that was born my Raleigh family & newborn photography experience. A luxury experience for the busy yet nostalgic mom where I handle handle everything for you to ensure a stress-free portrait experience.

So that you and your family will enjoy your photos. Like mine now does.

The moment everything changed...

Meet A.J.

See how I use My photos now!

I'm a mom too...
I know how busy you are!

• Your Wardrobe (and select child options too)
• Hair & Makeup Coordination 
• The Perfect Location
• Designing wall art to bring joy to your decor
• Creating heirloom albums of your memories

A full luxury portrait experience, so you can relax, and enjoy this special stage with your family.

That's why as I offer a full service family & newborn photography experience.

I will handle everything for you!


If you're anything like me, you want:

Your kids to feel special.

Your session will be a time to connect with your kids on a special level. You're creating memories while I'm documenting them for you.

To feel more rested.

To be in the photos.

My husband doesn't take photos of me with the kids either (unless I remind him to). As family and newborn photography Raleigh, I will focus on you being part of the family unit you put so much love and care into raising. Then we'll create art with your images because your kids deserve to have you in the photos.

More about The Experience

Trust me, I wish I could give you a full night's sleep. It's all I want too! But I can make you look more rested by providing your wardrobe  facilitating hair & makeup services for your session so you look and feel your best!

Yes, film. Like old school, send off to a lab and develop...film.


Film gives a sense of nostalgia like nothing else.  It allows me to create the type of art for my clients that makes my heart happy, which in turn makes me more creative for you!

Film images have feeling and movement, like life just jumps off the photo. Almost as if you can feel the moment happening. 

It's the best medium I've found to deliver true to life, frozen in time moments, while retaining true colors and light.  

It's a slower, more intentional process. This allows me as an artist to slow down and connect with my families. Let the moment unfold organically, and wait for that perfect moment to click the shutter. 

See more film images

Wait, did you say film?

Don't let you family wonder what happened to your family photos while they sit lifeless on a hard drive in the back of a closet somewhere. 

Your photos deserve so much more. They should be enjoyed in your home! I know it can be daunting to print your photos, but I will help you with that!

After your family or newborn photography session, I will meet with you to design and create custom wall art and albums. So you can enjoy your photos now, and every day for the rest of your life! 

No more are your beautiful images locked in the cloud. They will forever be proudly displayed in you home, on you walls, and in heirloom albums passed down to future generations.

TELL ME ABOUT Family Heirlooms!

"In the home, photos are more than decor: they're visual love letters that communicate a child's importance & their family's history."

How do you want to use your photos?

Don't be like me.

How does it all work?

Words cannot describe how incredible our newborn photos turned out with A.J as our Raleigh newborn photographer! Every single photo turned out beyond perfect! She was so patient throughout the entire process to ensure the memories of our little one were captured. Cannot wait to work with her again in the future for all of our family photos.
~Whitney H.

She is a dream to work with. She has been taking photos for my family at every stage of our lives, and I can’t imagine using anyone else. Even when my toddler isn’t cooperating, she will get the shot! She is not only an incredible Raleigh family photographer, but she is an outstanding person and friend.
~Casey S.

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 "Absolutely love A.J.'s Raleigh newborn photography sessions! My husband consistently comments on how relaxed it was and how she captured our family perfectly!"
~Whitney D.

"As our family photographers in Raleigh, she has a special ability to capture the most natural and perfect moments. She makes a challenging task of taking toddler photos so effortless. Her work is truly beautiful."
~Fe V.

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Fill out the contact form, and I'l reach out to schedule an introductory call. During that time, we'll go over all the details, pricing, and artwork. We'll begin the process of designing a session fit for your family!

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Meet A.J.


The Experience


Family and newborn photographer in Raleigh, NC creating art of your family.

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