Brigitte & Jimmy • Barn at Valhalla Chapel Hill Wedding

What a way to kick off our spring wedding season!! There is nothing better than an outdoor ceremony, bright blue skies, and two of the happiest people ever! Brigitte & Jimmy greeted us with the biggest smiles when we

The Next Darling Wedding Workshop • Photography & Wedding Planning Workshop

From the moment Darling was created, I had big dreams for it. Dreams that needed time to grow and take shape. I had this huge vision for it, but it wasn’t quite ready to launch when Darling was announced this time

Darling Wedding Workshop • Raleigh Engagement Posing Tips

I say this about every part of Darling Wedding Workshop, but this is truly one of my favorite parts!!! This is the part where we share our posing tips for couples, and how to create and capture real moments between their

Darling Wedding Workshop • April Photography Workshop

Can it be last week again? Please! Spending two days with the amazing group of women that makes up the Darling Wedding Workshop family was exactly what my heart needed. These women came together for this intimate

Our Time Hurdle • Personal Purpose

Last year brought so many revelations about how I want to live my life. We were so busy. I mean couldn’t see straight, didn’t know what day it was, why is life passing us by kind of busy. We had some goals (like

Boca Grand Florida • Family Vacation

Spending a week in Boca Grande Florida was exactly what we needed before wedding season kicks into full fledged craziness soon. I looked at the calendar a few weeks ago to line up babysitters for our weddings and realized

Spring Break

Ok, we may not be going back to Big Sur in California, or seeing rocky cliff covered shorelines, but we are going to the beach and taking our first ever family spring break!!! We’re leaving in a few hours and heading

Katherine & Caleb • Fort Fisher Wilmington Engagement Photos

In case you’re wondering, I will travel anywhere for views like this, and couples like these two. One of my favorite things about living in Raleigh is that’s it’s so incredibly easy to hop in the car and

Adeline’s 18 Month Photos • Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer

Oh how I love this little girl. We had no idea how much we needed her in our life until she arrived. Even while I was pregnant, we still didn’t get it. But, as every mom will tell you, the moment they laid her on my

Cora & Jay • Raleigh NC Engagement Portraits

Oh how I love when engagement season roles around. I cherish my winter break, and feel so refreshed because of it, but boy do I miss taking pictures. I miss capturing moments that are romantic, intimate and full of joy.

Our Living Room Decor

We’ve officially been in this house for 6 months today! I’m trying to wrap my head around that, because it’s so crazy to think it’s been that long. And yet, at the same time, it’s felt like

Unique Pregnancy Announcement • Valentine’s Theme

I might have literally jumped for joy when I got Priscilla’s text telling me she was expecting. I’m being completely honest when I say I never thought the day would come. Over the years, she’s said she

The Personal Purpose Behind It All

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why I built this business. What is the purpose behind it all? These thoughts have stemmed from recent coffee dates with fellow vendors and industry friends. I truly believe that

Erin & John Aaron • Raleigh Engagement Photos

These photos. This couple. There aren’t enough words to express how happy I am they’ve found each other. John Aaron is Kyle’s first cousin. Only a few months apart in age, they grew up close. Spending

Finn & Emory • Raleigh NC Twins Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Besides weddings, being a newborn lifestyle photographer is my second favorite thing to do. I used to dread newborn sessions. I’d make myself do them, because I believed in capturing that part of a family’s