How much do photographers in Raleigh cost? In this post, I’ll cover the average price of photography and what you can expect based on experience.

Collage of family and newborn photography images in an article about how much photography costs.

How much do photographers in Raleigh cost?


I almost didn’t take maternity photos. Maybe you’re on the fence like I was…let me help you down from there. 3 Reasons You Should Take Maternity Photos

Toddler sits on mom’s pregnant belly and laughs. Check out these Reasons to take maternity photos by Raleigh maternity photographer A.J. Dunlap.

3 Reasons You Should Take Maternity Photos


You’ve taken professional portraits, but now what? Sharing some of the best ways to use your professional family or newborn images.

Album and frame corner image in a blog post about how to best use your professional portraits. Image by Raleigh family & newborn photographer A.J. Dunlap Photography.

How people use their professional portraits


Did you know that we have a photo membership which includes maternity pictures in Raleigh NC? It’s designed for new moms to capture all the milestones!

Pregnant mom plays with her daughters in a field. Photographed during Maternity Pictures Raleigh NC by A.J. Dunlap Photography.

Maternity Pictures Raleigh NC


The glowing sunlight in fields of tall grass at the Art Museum, makese these Raleigh maternity photos stunning. Summer portraits at it’s finest.

pregnant wife and husband snuggling in a field

Raleigh Maternity Photos • Art Museum


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Family and newborn photographer in Raleigh, NC creating art of your family.

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