July 25, 2019


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Raleigh new mom holding her newborn on her shoulder photo

Oh how I love being a Raleigh film newborn photographer. Just look at all the sweet squishyness! It’s all too much for this mama’s heart to handle. Especially when it comes to photographing first time families.

I remember so well that feeling of holding YOUR CHILD for the first time. This little person that you created and carried who’s now in your arms for ever. It’s magical. It always makes me so excited to walk into the homes of these new families and hear all about those first moments, and these three had the sweetest bond already.

Delaney is such a blessed little lady. Her parents love her beyond words. A week into this parenting thing and they had it together. Her mom already knew she had to take care of herself in order to take care of her daughter, and was seriously one of the calmest new moms I’ve ever met. Her dad knew how to support the post-birth mom and care for his newborn baby as if it’s something he’d done for years. Someone should really write a book based on how these three spent their first few days together for every expectant family to read. Serious family goals right there.

Thank you guys so much for letting me come into your home and photograph your precious Laney. I’m so thankful for clients like you! Many, many congrats! We can’t wait to watch your little peanut grow up to be a beautiful young woman inside and out!

I’ve come to love photographing Raleigh newborn lifestyle sessions on film. There’s something so soft and natural about it. All of these images were taken with my film camera and scanned by PhotoVision.

Raleigh newborn session with mother swaddling her daughter on the changing pad photo Raleigh father holding his newborn daughter photo Raleigh mother holding her newborn daughter snuggled in and looking at her husband photoRaleigh father kissing his newborn daughter on her forehead photo Raleigh film newborn photographer photo Raleigh mother and father looking down at their newborn daughter and touching her head. Black lab laying in front of the crib in the nursery photo Raleigh new father holding his daughter and new mother holding their daughter photo Raleigh mother kissing her newborn daughter's forehead while her husband holds her photo Raleigh new mother in a light blue shirt holding her newborn daughter photo Raleigh newborn girl swaddled with her little toes poking out photo Raleigh mother and father each holding their newborn daughter and looking down at her photo Raleigh newborn daughter in a long sleeved floral outfit with her arms stretched out above her photo Raleigh newborn yawning and sleeping with her arms above her head on a white crib sheet photo Raleigh family with newborn daughter and their black lab sitting on the couch snuggled together photo

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