August 7, 2016

Adeline Pearl • 2 Year Portraits

two year portraits toddler running photo

Today is our sweet little girl’s 2nd birthday!!!! These last two years have been nothing but amazing with her. She made us a family. She completed our little world. Year two is my favorite age yet, and watching her grow is by far our favorite activity. She’s her own little person. She sings, dances and shakes her booty. Runs around barefoot, all day every day, relentlessly asking to “take shoes off, ok” anytime she’s wearing them. She jumps, rolls, and climbs…everything! Her speech is amazing, and nothing is sweeter than hearing her learn and use new words. Especially, the I love you’s.

We constantly get stopped by people complimenting her on her beautiful hair, sweet smile and bubbly personality. She still talks to everyone everywhere, and nothing gives me more joy than having a daughter who shares her joy with others. She is 100% true to herself in every way, and I absolutely love the independent side of her. It’s difficult sometimes, but so, so beautiful. Her smile and wit makes us laugh, and her personality is like no one I’ve ever known. She’s silly and sensitive, strong and snuggly, and everything in between. Her heart is twice as big as she is, and I pray that it always stays that way.

Ada Bug, your dad & I love you so very much. My heart melts every time I think of you, and it misses you even when you’re in the next room. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to us, and we love you with our whole hearts. I can’t imagine loving you more, but I know I said that yesterday, and the day before that, and I’ll say it again tomorrow. I love you with every part of me and more than I have words. Happiest of birthdays my little Adeline Pearl!

We fully plan on taking family portraits in a month or so when it cools down, but we couldn’t help but grabbing a few 2 year portraits of her earlier this week to commemorate this super adorable stage (and a few of her with her cousin, who did not like the grass, haha). These are totally Ada. Spunky, silly, eye rolling seriousness. I wish every single one of you could meet her in person, because she’s truly the most amazing little human!

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