Fiona’s birth story is full of twists and turns I never expected! Her birth day and her film newborn portraits are two days I’ll never forget!

Fiona’s Birth Story & Film Newborn Portraits

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I’m that mom. Isla is only a few weeks away from turning two, and I’m finally sharing her cake smash from her first birthday. If I used emojis on here now would be a perfect time for a face palm one. So, I’m just going to pull out the most cliche statement ever…better late than […]

Raleigh cake smash for 1 year old girl in front of backdrop with greenery hanging down photo

Isla’s Cake Smash

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After posting pictures of my family in the snow this week, I received several questions about how to take amazing pictures in the snow. So, I thought it’d be fun to do a little tutorial on how we took them! I know snow seems scary. Cold and wet elements aren’t always a camera’s best friend, […]

how to take amazing photos in the snow tutorial

How To Take Amazing Pictures in the Snow

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I didn’t go to the hospital to have a baby. The short version is I went into false labor at dawn on my birthday, got sent home after turning down a sleeping pill, cried, rested, had an impromptu birthday party that evening, went back to the hospital for the sleeping pill at midnight, was 6cm […]

Raleigh birth story photographer photo

Isla June’s Birth Story

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This is way, way, way overdue. I’m slightly embarrassed that I’m just now formally introducing our sweet new girl and sharing her newborn portraits, insert face palm moment. She’s 7 weeks today which is 7 weeks too long to be introducing her here! The excuses are just what you’d expect: life with two is busy, […]

newborn smiling in little unicorn swaddle photo

Isla June Dunlap

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I don’t even know where to start with this one. Obviously these are my maternity portraits, but they’re so much more than that. This is my whole heart wrapped into a post. My loves, my life, right now. I know this stage is fleeting. Soon we’ll be a family of four. We’ll have two little girls […]

raleigh maternity with big sister photo

Baby Dunlap #2 • Maternity Portraits

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They got me. They got me good. Let me back up for a sec and give you the whole story. Last Friday on April 28th my sister turned 30. Growing up in our family, April was Carter’s birthday month. She could do no wrong, everything revolved around her for the ENTIRE MONTH. She grew out […]

mom and daughter maternity lifestyle session photo

My Surprise Baby Shower

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Finishing up Ada’s big girl room has been the most amazing project! I want to move in there myself!!! I went into it having no clue what I wanted. All I knew was we had this vintage bed frame that’s been in my family for a long time, and I kind of sort of wanted floral […]

floral wall paper toddler big girl room photo

Ada’s Big Girl Room

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Maybe one day I’ll get to add Arizona Photographer to my resume for real, for now I’m happy with getting to shoot in the desert a little for United 2016! Shooting on the western side of the country, especially in the desert, is completely different than here in North Carolina. For one, the light is […]

Sarah's Garden desert bouquet photo

Arizona Photographer • Desert Wedding Inspiration

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Last fall we took the most whirlwind of a trip to Iceland with my mom and her husband. Right smack dab in the middle of wedding season. I was newly pregnant and extremely exhausted. It was crazy and amazing at the same time! It was the first time we left Ada for a trip like […]

iceland pingvellir photo

The Dunlaps Do Iceland

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