August 3, 2017

Isla June Dunlap

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newborn smiling in little unicorn swaddle photo

This is way, way, way overdue. I’m slightly embarrassed that I’m just now formally introducing our sweet new girl and sharing her newborn portraits, insert face palm moment. She’s 7 weeks today which is 7 weeks too long to be introducing her here!

The excuses are just what you’d expect: life with two is busy, nursing takes up so much more time than I remember, poopy diapers, laundry, spit ups, etc…and then one you wouldn’t expect…our almost three year old broke her leg in mid-July. With two immobile children blogging just got put on the back burner. But I’m excited to say life is getting back into a routine. I’m slowly taking on work as I have the time, and am so excited to finally share our daughter with the world! So here goes!

On June 15th at 4:37AM we welcomed our second daughter, Isla June Dunlap. Weighing in at 6 pounds 13 ounces (which completely shocked me, I was sure she’d be in the 8s!), and 20.5 inches long. Her birth is a crazy story, that I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks, but the short version is, I thought she was coming on my birthday the 14th, actually went to the hospital only to be sent home, showed back up at midnight on my birthday and birthed her 4.5 hours later. Full details coming soon!

I was more than happy to share my birthday with her, but am so glad she has her own so she gets her very own special day each year! Her birthdate is actually a fun one! We now have Kyle on the 13th, me on the 14th and Isla on the 15th. A busy week in our house! She’s also the 4th family member on my side to have a June 15th birthday, not counting my June 14th one! My maternal grandmother, her father and her grandfather all share her date!

Her name is not because she was due and born in June, but actually because of Kyle & my birthdays! It’s one of our favorite details about our love story and we wanted to share it with our kids. Ada’s middle name is Pearl, because that’s our birthstone, and Isla’s middle name is June because…do I even need to explain why?

Isla has no emotional meaning other than we just loved it. We actually didn’t decide on her first name until we were at the hospital. I was set on Isla June for months, but Kyle wasn’t sure he wanted to have rhyming names for the kids. He loved the name, just wasn’t sure about the rhyming. So we didn’t even tell our families what we were considering, because honestly we weren’t sure! Even once she was born, and we were asked what her name was, I looked at Kyle to confirm he was ok with it first that’s how up in the air it was! Now that she’s here, she’s definitely an Isla June and we both are in love with it and her of course!

No one in this house loves her more than Ada though. As strong as the parental bond is, the sister bond is stronger. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She cries and Ada tries to comfort her. We can’t walk her by Ada without Ada asking for a hug and kiss. She tells everyone she meets that she has a baby sister and her eyes light up every single time! As crazy as this sounds, Isla started smiling at 8 days new and all in reaction to Ada! Seeing them meet is hands down the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced! It’s actually going to get a blog post (with video!) itself because it was such a special moment.

My heart is so full having two daughters. It’s what I’ve always dreamed, and I just feel so blessed with our little family. It couldn’t be more perfect! Today, I’m sharing the newborn portraits I took of Isla at 4 days new. Soon I’ll be sharing our family pics, but today it’s just of her. She actually doesn’t look any different to me at 7 weeks, only bigger! She has the fluffiest little head of hair, best smiles and sweetest little blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Although you won’t see much of those in this post because she slept through her newborn portraits!

Without further ado, here is our newest addition, Miss Isla June.

Swaddle: Little Unicorn
Wallpaper: Caitlin Wilson Designs

caitlin wilson designs floral wall paper photo raleigh in home newborn phtoo newborn fingers and toes photo newborn on white ikea quilt photo four days new baby girl photo newborn portrait in front of floral wall paper photo newborn fingers photo newborn girl photo newborn lips photo baby toes photo newborn on restoration hardware pouf photo

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