August 3, 2016

A Collection of Personal Photos Taken on the Fuji x100t

pawleys island toddler running down the beach photo

Last year, as a thirtieth birthday present to myself, I bought a new camera. I know, I know, shocking right. A photography buying a camera. This one was different though. It’s a pocket camera!

I’ve had the hardest time finding a small camera that I love since going professional. None of the ones I tried were any better than an iphone. So it didn’t make sense to buy a small camera, when the one I carried around in my pocket was better. But then I stumbled upon the Fuji x100t. The tiniest & best camera for personal use! I could go into all the technical reasons why I love it like how it shoots in RAW and I have control over the aperture, but the main reason is I can take photos on it and immediately edit & upload them to my phone straight from the camera…and they’re professional quality! It takes photos I can (and have) print and hung on the wall as if I’d taken them with my DSLR. Now I wouldn’t go shoot a wedding with it, but I do take it on personal outings in leu of dragging my equipment around with me.

The only downfall to it, is once I upload them to my phone, I kind of forget about them. I have a tendency to just let the photos sit on the camera until I remember to do something about them. Hence this post. A collection of photos that goes all the way back to fall 2015. Yes, that’s almost an entire year. I know. I’m making a promise to myself, now that I’m caught up, I’m going to stay on top of these photos too like they’re images from a shoot! No more waiting months to look at them! There were so many gems in here, that I almost forgot about!

This isn’t the prettiest of posts by any means. It’s kind of sporadic and pieced together. But it’s a year in the life of Ada, and I love it. It turned this mama into a puddle to see her baby grow through a series of photos, especially as I prep for her to turn two in a few days. I’m refusing to believe it. She talks in full sentences, and can do anything she wants to do. What happened to my baby?!!

So you know what you’re looking at as you view Ada’s year in review, here’s a list of the events in order as the photos appear (you’ll know when the scene changes):
State Fair
Pawleys Island for Thanksgiving
Raleigh’s one and only puny snow last year
Boca Grande, FL
Emerald Island, NC
Backyard fun with family
Richmond Family Reunion/Surprise Party for Ada’s Great, Great Aunt
Cason’s Baby Dedication
Sprinkler Fun
Lake Keowee with Kyle’s family a week ago

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