January 16, 2017

Baby Dunlap #2 Is…

Our Life

Big sister announcing the gender of the new baby with confetti photo

And just like that, my dreams have come true. Ada is going to have a little sister! We’re going to be raising TWO daughters! My heart couldn’t be any happier than it is right now!

It’s funny, something I discovered this pregnancy is that when you have one gender, people automatically assume you want the other gender for any future children. Almost every time I told someone I was pregnant I’d get some sort of “Oh you want a boy this time, right?”, “I bet it’s a boy!”, or “you already have a girl, of course you’re having a boy.” Or my personal favorite, “Kyle wants a boy this time, right?”

First off, most importantly, we wanted a healthy child. When you lose one to miscarriage, you get less picky about the gender when you finally do have a successful pregnancy. Secondly, I actually did have a preference, and that was for a girl. My standard response to all those “you must want a boy this time” statements was “We lost one last spring, so I’m just happy for a healthy baby, but if I could hand pick gender off a shelf, I’d have three girls.” Even though I would be over the moon if they had told me this second baby was a boy, I have always dreamed of Ada having a sister. Whether it happened this go round or any future babies we may have, I REALLY wanted her to experience life with a sister.

Maybe it’s because we’ve watched Frozen a bajillion times this fall, or more likely because I grew up with three sisters of my own, but deep down, my heart screamed for another girl. Every time I’ve imagined my life with kids it’s always been daughters, and I really feel that we are supposed to raise girls. Like it’s part of our purpose in life.

I honestly felt like I was having another girl. The one we lost last spring was very different than these two girl pregnancies have been. I was convinced then that we were having a boy, and even more convinced this go round we were having a girl, because I could compare the three pregnancies. Even though we don’t know what that baby was, it at least gave me a reference point for how I felt. So off we went to see if my gut was right…

Going into the appointment, I fully expected it to go like Ada’s. She was so willing to show us her parts, that they barely put the ultrasound on my stomach before saying, “it’s a girl!” This time…COMPLETELY different experience! This second little girl of ours is much more modest than her older sister. It took the entire thirty minute appointment to find out if she was a girl or boy, and that was after taking a break and having me lie on my side to get her to move. When the tech could finally see, she asked if we were ready to know, and at that moment I saw this little tiny circle above the parts area. I prepped myself for her to tell us it was a boy, when those three amazing little words “it’s a girl!” came out of her mouth. It took me a second before it sunk in and then the tears started flowing. Kyle’s face lit up, Ada kind of sort of absorbed the news, and together we all celebrated this precious little gift from God. In the midst of the tears I actually told the tech that she made my day! After asking if she was sure, I let the amazing feeling sink in that my dreams of raising daughters is coming true.

As the appointment was wrapping up, we now knew we were having another daughter, and everything was healthy with her, we started packing up to go. I looked over and there’s our oldest child, lying on the ultrasound table, with her shirt pulled up waiting for her turn. The sweet tech humored her and put the ultrasound on Ada’s belly too, and we had a good giggle about her adorableness. She’s kind of obsessed with her baby sister, and is very insistent that she has one inside her belly too. Although, I think she said hers is a boy! She even tries to feed it through her belly button. I can’t wait to see these two girls grow up together. Become best friends. Fight over clothes and all things sisters fight about, but always, always come back together because nothing is stronger than a sister’s bond.

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