January 23, 2019

A Year Full of Babies


Raleigh Newborn Photographer photo

This is my year in review of being a Raleigh newborn photographer. I photographed a whole lot of squishy babies last year, but didn’t have time to blog them all. So I thought it’d be fun to do one big giant blog post with a few photos from each session, because who doesn’t love a cute new baby.

Some highlights of the year include a BUNNY!! Yes, an adorable bunny who sat right next to it’s new baby brother. Seeing couples who’s wedding and/or engagement I photographed become parents. Documenting older siblings love on their brand new baby sibling. Traveling all over the state for these. All the beautiful nurseries. And last but not least, alllllll the babies.

I don’t really market it, but I absolutely love photographing newborns. There’s something special about that newborn baby time of life. It’s exhausting but full of so much love. I walk into each and every one of these homes and that love just surrounds me. It’s such a privilege to document this time in a family’s life.

My newborn sessions are more lifestyle than portrait based. I love those sleeping squishy baby photos and can’t get enough of them sometimes, but I definitely don’t have that touch. I thrive in the interactions, the moments in between, those small gazes from a mom to a dad as they love on this new little one they get to call theirs. It’s the most special time.

If you’re expecting a baby and want to inquire about me photographing your new family, I would absolutely love to hear from you! Fill out our contact form, and include all the important things like due date and location, and I’ll happily send you all the details about newborn portraits. Since I have my own two babies, plus a full time wedding business, I can only handle a few newborns a month, and in busy season sometimes I can only handle one! Contact me as soon as you begin to consider a lifestyle session, so I can block that time for you!

Don’t forget to email us about those announcement and maternity photos too!! Carter LOVES helping couples announce their pregnancies and photographing that beautiful maternity glow. She’ll handle all the pre-baby pictures, I can help you as an in-home Raleigh newborn photographer, and then you can come back to Carter for more outdoor portraits as the baby grows!! Full circle team over here!

Full disclosure here: I did not keep a list of my newborn sessions last year like I should have. While I searched my archives, double and triple checked to makes sure I grabbed at least one photo from each session, it’s very possible I missed a family or two (or more). If so, I’m so sorry! I promise it’s not intentional. I loved each of the families I got to photograph, and truly consider it an honor that you let me in your homes to photograph this special time!

raleigh father snuggling newborn photo raleigh mother and father cuddling newborn photo raleigh newborn portrait with arrow blanket photo raleigh newborn snuggled up with new father photo raleigh mother and father snuggled in front of bookshelf photo raleigh newborn session with family dog photo raleigh, nc new mother and father holding newborn photo raleigh, nc newborn ears and toes photo raleigh mom holding her newborn photo raleigh newborn snuggled on father's chest photo raleigh parents holding newborn girl with a tiny bow headband photo raleigh parents snuggled in close with newborn in between photo raleigh mother and father kissing while holding newborn baby photo raleigh newborn laying on changing table under gold circle mirror photo raleigh new father kissing mother on the head photo raleigh newborn portrait session photo raleigh newborn laying in her crib with a pink swaddle photo raleigh older siblings kissing newborn baby photo raleigh family snuggled on the floor with big sibling and dog photo raleigh mother snuggled with newborn in her arms photo raleigh newborn laying with a bunny photo raleigh new father kissing his wife on the forehead photo raleigh newborn toes snuggled in mom's arms photo raleigh squishy newborn in her parents arms photo raleigh mom snuggling nose to nose with her newborn photo Raleigh older brother kissing newborn sister on the head photo raleigh mother looking at newborn daughter photo raleigh newborn smiling in his sleep photo

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