April 8, 2015

San Francisco Here We Come!!!

San Francisco, these Raleigh, NC wedding photographers are coming for you!

It’s vacation time for the Dunlaps!!! Ada’s first real trip! We’re so excited to travel with her, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say slightly nervous about how she’ll handle the time change. That girl loves her routine.

We’re head to San Francisco and Big Sur, CA. Two places we’ve dreamed of visiting for years. Kyle has the whole trip laid out for us minute by minute. He’s saved restaurants on his phone, has given us a daily itinerary, and has practically memorized the map of the city. It’s gonna be good folks.

I debated about pre-scheduling blog posts to keep this thing active while we’re away, but then decided no, I’m on vacation! What am trying to prove by pretending to work when everyone knows I’m away. So this is the last post for a week. I’ll be back one week from today with some exciting press we’ve had the honor of receiving recently. Until then, you can enjoy this pretty little girl and all her smiles.

Have a great week people! We’ll see you then!

(feel free to follow along the fun on our IG accounts @aj_dunlap, @thedunlapfamily, or even our family travel hashtag #beentheredunlap)

*Ada Pearl’s photo taken by Hartman Outdoor Photography