May 17, 2017

Baby Dunlap #2 • Maternity Portraits

Our Life

raleigh maternity portraits photo

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Obviously these are my maternity portraits, but they’re so much more than that. This is my whole heart wrapped into a post. My loves, my life, right now. I know this stage is fleeting. Soon we’ll be a family of four. We’ll have two little girls in our house to love, raise and grow into beautiful women. The thought of that makes my heart skip a beat. I’m excited more than nervous, and strangely a little sad that this time with Ada as our only is coming to an end. At the same time, I can’t WAIT to raise sisters!!! My heart is so, so full right now.

It’s hard to imagine how our world is going to change soon. We’re ready and excited to meet this little one. We can’t wait to fall in love with her more every day. We remember that feeling well with Ada, and I think that’s what we’re most excited about this go round!

I think that’s why these maternity portraits are so special. Because we think we love this little baby now. And we do, but it’s going to be so much deeper soon. The most amazing, beautiful, special love is coming our way and we can’t wait for that moment! Right now we’re loving her on the inside. Loving all the kicks, hiccups and movements she gives us every day. Loving the bond that’s already there between her and Ada, fully knowing it’s going to change in the most magnificent way soon. These images represent all the love we have for her today, and they’re very special moments, frozen with pictures, that we’ll cherish forever and ever.

These pictures will always remind me how excited Ada is to be a big sister. Every day she talks to “baby sister“. She kisses my belly and giggles when I tell her the baby’s moving. She’s starting to realize that baby sister is coming soon, and it’s amazing to watch her change into the role of big sister right before our eyes. She is obsessed with baby sister’s room, clothes, blankets, car seat, etc. Her heart is so big, and I know it’s only going to grow in just a few short weeks when she finally gets to meet her sister!

Life is getting ready to change in the best way possible!

All of these photos were taken by my extremely talented sister, and I couldn’t be more thankful. She captured everything I had hoped for and more! Thank you Carter for this beautiful gift. We’ll cherish these even more because they were taken by you!

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